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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thoughts on rethinking grocery shopping

We had the good fortune to get away for a week - and it was a perfect week to get away in more ways than one! I am not at all remorseful about missing the sub zero temps of the past week and I was grateful for the sunshine of Florida coming out on a couple of days while we were there.

One of the great take-aways from the week away was starting with an empty refrigerator. As we arrived and began thinking about what we needed for the week, we realized we would eat out most days at either lunch or dinner. Thinking about breakfast and lighter meals gave us a chance to make heathy food choices starting from scratch. It made us realize how many little things we have in our fridge that maybe we need to eliminate - not that we keep a lot of "bad" food in the house, maybe just too much food overall.

It was very cool to just buy what we needed for the week - actually we tried to just buy enough for two or three days at a time. It worked really well! The grocery list included healthy snacks like fresh hummus and cucumbers and carrots instead of maybe the usual chips and dip we might have otherwise purchased. Fresh shrimp were plentiful and affordable and greek yogurt was the breakfast staple along with fresh cut fruit (this was one big splurge to buy the bowl of precut fruit:).

Meals out were often salads or seafood (love those gulf oysters and tuna)!

Now that we are home, I have a refrigerator to evaluate and minimize!


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