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Jessie Baginski, a Mayfield Heights resident, is back for a second try at Lighten Up. The 2013 contestant says she's ready to take what she learned last year and give it a good go this year.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Loving 40 degrees!

Who would have thought 40 degrees would feel like such a heat wave! It was a great day to step outside several times to enjoy the fresh air. It will be even more exciting to see this all melt away to walk the neighborhood again with the dogs - they do not get to do that in winter due to ice melting chemicals used on the streets that are not pet friendly.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Loving Monday nights at Aladdin's - enjoying new foods and great friendships. Overall our group does not seem to be as shy this year when we are together at dinner. Thank you to all of the organizations involved in making this happen!


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