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Jessie Baginski, a Mayfield Heights resident, is back for a second try at Lighten Up. The 2013 contestant says she's ready to take what she learned last year and give it a good go this year.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Good first month

Well, I'm only down a couple of pounds - a little shy of my 1 lb per week goal, but my clothes are fitting better - and I got into a pair of jeans I couldn't even zip last month! so I'm feeling pretty good about that. The best part about the weigh in was seeing everyone again and cheering for each other as it seemed like everyone had lost at least a couple pounds- kudos to Jane - 11 lbs!

Hoping for the thumbs up on Monday to move ahead on a fitness plan that will help me reach my goals a little faster. Looking forward to a new dish at Aladdin's this week. so far everything has been delicious and more than filling. Thank you Daad and your team for working with this program this year!


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