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Jessie Baginski, a Mayfield Heights resident, is back for a second try at Lighten Up. The 2013 contestant says she's ready to take what she learned last year and give it a good go this year.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Going Green

Going green has taken on new meaning at our house - beyond recycling. Thom makes this pretty tasty green shakes with 1/2 banana, handful of blueberries, fresh apple juice and a scoop of wheatgrass - I have to add a spoonful of yogurt to mine. At first I thought YUUUUUK! I had put too much wheatgrass in and felt like I could smell and taste it all day. I'm not a big fan of shakes and smoothies so it's not a daily event for me, but it is a very nutritious breakfast on the go!

So anxious for spring to arrive! I'm looking forward to putting my green thumb to work in the yard. After this crazy winter, it really needs work - and that is one of my favorite work outs, spreading mulch and prepping the beds for planting!


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