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Jessie Baginski, a Mayfield Heights resident, is back for a second try at Lighten Up. The 2013 contestant says she's ready to take what she learned last year and give it a good go this year.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Missing Aladdin's - the food and the company!

Wow! I can't begin to say how much I miss seeing my Lighten Up friends at Aladdin's the last few weeks. Work commitments and other scheduling conflicts have kept me from attending our Monday night dinners. It's eye opening to reflect on the fact that when I am seeing people every week, I get better results! It's not like a "program" in terms of rehashing with a crowd what did you eat, what exercise did you do, etc. which only makes you want to highlight where you missed the mark, but we celebrate our progress at every level. Sometimes that is about getting all A's on Vitabot; sometimes it's about clothes fitting differently - and sometimes it's just to laugh about the mishaps during the week. No matter what the conversation, I am meeting amazing people I may not have otherwise met and truly enjoying the friendships - and the great food - at Aladdin's!


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